Logo and Banner

Interested to use Devora’s logo and banner? Please feel free to embed them into your project.

They were designed using Google Drawing from Google Drive available at:


Please refrain from editing the logo aside:

  1. propotionally scale the graphics to meet the required size

This is the same banner used in the landing page.

Size: 2500px x 1250px

Color: yes

URL: https://zoralab.gitlab.io/devora/img/logo/2500x1250-color.png


This is the logo used in the banner.

Size: 2048px x 2048px

Color: yes


  1. https://zoralab.gitlab.io/devora/img/logo/s2048-color.png
  2. https://zoralab.gitlab.io/devora/img/logo/s2048-color.svg