Setup Repo

Setting up your repo with Fennec is quite straight-forward. In this guide, we also include how to update Fennec as well.

Setup Fennec into Repository

To setup Fennec into your repository, you simply just have to execute:

$ cd <repo_directory>
$ fennec --install

This will install a .fennec inside you <repo_directory>.


DO NOT edit anything inside the .fennec directory. They will be overridden without mercy upon the next update.

Update Fennec in Repository

Fennec is released using point strategy so from time to time, you might be interested with upgrading .fennec directory. To do so, use:

$ fennec --update


It is not MANDATORY to get the latest and greatest from fennec master branch.

Remember, Fennec is a tool for your repository. If there is no issue at any given point, don’t do any upgrade. Just like the old idiom says:

if nothing breaks, leave it.