Weclome to Godocgen

Godocgen is an app built using Go programming language to generate Go module package's documentations. It parses the packages documentation data and facilitates custom rendering, enabling Gopher to use other hosting solution like Hugo to host the documents.

Free From Limitations

The initial Go doc webserver imposes a lot of limitations such as:

  1. not able to create non-Go related documentation alongside its go-doc.
  2. not able to use images.
  3. only terminal interface is available for Go Module.

Godocgen aims to free gophers from these limitations once and for all.

Standard Tools


Godocgen uses standard Go tools like vanilla Go Programming Language for writing its app and Hugo for hosting its documentations website like this page!

On top of that, it is supported by Gitlab.com alongside its CI Runner. This allows us to keep Godocgen always aligned to its own development tools for automated testing instead of depending on many third-party integrations.

Open Source License

OSI Approved License

To preserve Godocgen's freedom of use (and modify), Godocgen is licensed under Open-Source Initiative (OSI) compatible Apache 2.0 open-source license.

This also means you are FREE to use Godocgen in terms of:

  1. Freedom to use.
  2. Free, as in free beer.


Godogen has the following features:

  1. ✅Support terminal printout. (v0.0.1)
  2. ✅Support text/template documentations rendering. (v0.0.1)
  3. ✅Support Hugo markdown generation. (v0.0.1)
  4. ✅Support directory index structure. (v0.0.1)
  5. 📅Support html/template documentations rendering.
  6. ✅Support Go Get installation. (v0.0.1)
  7. 📅Support DEB Server for Debian based Linux rolling release.
  8. 📅Support RPM Server for RPM based Linux rolling release.
  9. ✅Unit-tested. (v0.0.2)
  10. ✅Support Examples rendering. (v0.0.2)
📅Confirmed Proposal. Currently Developing…
Rejected Idea.
💡Considered Ideas. Still Discussing…

For more information, please check out the Issues board at:



To make sure the project is always free, this project is sponsored by:


Development Health

You can learn the current developement status of the Git development repository here. Godocgen uses tri-branches for its development where:

  1. master branch - stable product releases.
  2. staging branch - next stable product releases under testing.
  3. next branch - bleeding edge and documentations.
BranchTest StatusTest Coverage
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stagingpipeline statuscoverage report
nextpipeline statuscoverage report

Where to start?

Feel free to explore the documentation site here! In case you need a direction, please start here:

Getting Started Step 1

If you're looking for source code, please do check it out at: