Granatum project is a data workspace for simple-cdd application. Rather than complicating the project with various packages, Granatum Project distribute using git version control software.

This section guides you on how to setup Granatum in your local system. They are arranged in a sequenced manner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This project is not for faint hearted or beginner. Any users must have decent understanding on how Debian Operating System works internally before using Granatum. In short: you're a Linux-based operating system developer, not regular user.

Build Engine - Operating System

Granatum Team uses Debian - Stable operating system to build the installer ISO image.

It is noted that if you're on other Debian-derived operating system such as Ubuntu, you are likely going to build Ubuntu installer ISO image instead. Hence, please check your operating system's manual.

Download Dependencies

Granatum Project depends on the following software:

  1. simple-cdd - the ISO builder. ($ sudo apt-get install simple-cdd -y)
  2. git - the version control software. ($ sudo apt-get install git -y)

Set them up respectively.

Clone The Repository

The first thing to do is to clone Garantum Project into your build system using git.

$ git clone

If you're using https protocol:

$ git clone