backports-core Profile

backports-core profile is the configurations to add backports upstream into the installed operating system. It is the backports’ core module where you need it to build other backport profiles.

It's profile name is known as backports-core.

backports-core is available since v0.1.0.


There are a number of ways depending on how you use Granatum.

Granatum Templated .conf Method

You may include backports-core into the plist. The position should be FIRST among all backports. Otherwise, your other backports will fail with unimaginable concequences. Example:

# plist is the list of profiles to be included in this configuration file. It
# ...
# the names are separated by space.
plist="... backport-cores backport-X backport-Y ..."

Crude Simple-CDD .conf Method

If you're using your own .conf file, then simply include backport-core into both profiles and auto_profiles as the FIRST among all backports:

profiles="backports-core backports-X backports-Y ..."
auto_profiles="backports-core backports-X backports-Y ..."


backports-core uses a POSIX SHELL complaint script to parse /etc/apt/sources.list for input and generate the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/backports.list output. It has the capability to parse the upstream codename, url, and the releases and smartly generate the backports statements.

The program will call apt-get update so an internet connection is needed.

This facilitates timeless creation and low maintenance.