bloader-grub Profile

bloader-grub is to set the ISO image to use Grub bootloader. It is the default standard bootloader shipped by Debian.

It's profile name is known as bloader-grub.

bloader-grub is available since v0.1.0.


There are a number of ways depending on how you use Granatum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only include 1 type of bloader-XXXX. Including many bootloaders into your ISO image yields unimaginable consequences.

USER INPUT: custom.preseed

There are a number of user input settings required to be inside your custom.preseed. See below for detailed info.

Without the custom.preseed, headless installation experience will break by prompting you to fill in those missing output.

Granatum Templated .conf Method

bloader-grub is included as the default bootloader profile. It should arrive as second in the plist.

# plist is the list of profiles to be included in this configuration file. It
# ...
# the names are separated by space.
plist="... bloader-grub ..."

Crude Simple-CDD .conf Method

If you're using your own .conf file, then simply include bloader-grub into both profiles and auto_profiles:

profiles="bloader-grub ..."
auto_profiles="bloader-grub ..."


bloader-grub preseed all the safety values for its bootloader installation. They are:

  1. Install grub automatically if the computer has only Debian for grub/installer (since v0.1.0)
  2. Install grub automatically if the computer has other OS for grub/intaller (since v0.1.0)


Grub requires some user inputs to maintain its headless installation experience.

Set Bootloader Installation Target

Grub needs user's input to specify target disk to install the bootloader. Hence, you need to include the following preseed into your custom.preseed in order to maintain the headless installation experience. See template-custom.preseed's ‘BOOTLOADER’ section for code examples.

# set Grub bootloader's target disk.
# Optional if 'lilo' or 'nobootloader' is chosen
d-i grub-installer/bootdev  string /dev/to/your/disk