core Profile

core profile is the main profile for Granatum build ISO image. It is the main components for inclusion to create a smooth Debian install experience under Granatum controls.

It's profile name is known as core.

core is available since v0.1.0.


There are a number of ways depending on how you use Granatum.

Granatum Templated .conf Method

core is automatically included in the available .conf “AUTOMATION - profiling CD” section. There is no opt-out option for core.

It is populated as the first profile in the plist regardless of user input.

Crude Simple-CDD .conf Method

If you're using your own .conf file, then simply include core into both profiles and auto_profiles as the FIRST profile:

profiles="core ..."
auto_profiles="core ..."


core preseeds a number of settings as default values.

Upstream Configurations (Apt, Mirror)

core preseed a large number apt related installation values such as:

  1. to use non-free upstream for apt-setup.
  2. to use contrib upstream for apt-setup.
  3. to include security, and update into apt services for apt-setup.
  4. set security host to for apt-setup.
  5. set http directory to /debian for apt mirror.
  6. clear http proxy to empty string for apt mirror.
  7. set install recommended packages for base-installer.

Installer Network

core currently preseed installer's network configurations values to:

  1. set automatic for network configurations interface.

NOTE: Wifi network connectivity automation is still in progress.

Popularity Contest

core disables popularity contest by default.

RATIONALE: This allows user to explicitly enable the contest during OS usage as a mean to get user consent before performing data collections.

Scan CD

core disables scan CD during installation with:

  1. set set-first to false for apt-setup/cdrom.
  2. set set-next to false for apt-setup/cdrom.
  3. set set-failed to false for apt-setup/cdrom.

The rationale is that Granatum must build the percise installer ISO image with all customizations included under 1 image, not scattered across multiple mediums and confuses the end-users.


These are the default micro-debs included in core profile.

All Available Firmware Packages

To ensure a smooth network install especially facilitating wifi network connectivity, core includes all available network firmwares. They are:

  1. firmware-realtek (since v0.1.0)
  2. firmware-atheros (since v0.1.0)
  3. firmware-brcm80211 (since v0.1.0)
  4. firmware-ipw2x00 (since v0.1.0)
  5. firmware-iwlwifi (since v0.1.0)
  6. firmware-linux (since v0.1.0)
  7. firmware-ralink (since v0.1.0)
  8. firmware-ti-connectivity (since v0.1.0)