deskenv-lxqt-sddm Profile

deskenv-lxqt-sddm profile is the LXQt desktop environment with SDDM desktop manager. This will turn the minimal install Debian OS into a desktop/laptop with LXQt graphicial interface.

It's profile name is known as deskenv-lxqt-sddm.

NOTE: lxqt and sddm are both installed during post-installation stage where there is no frontend indication of working. To ensure it is installing, simply press CTRL+ALT+F4 to switch to debug console mode and watch its installation status. Otherwise, you can wait for its long installation time.

deskenv-lxqt-sddm is available since v0.1.0.


There are a number of ways depending on how you use Granatum.

Granatum Templated .conf Method

To include deskenv-lxqt-sddm profile, simply add it into the plist.

# plist is the list of profiles to be included in this configuration file. It
# ...
# the names are separated by space.
plist="... deskenv-lxqt-sddm ..."

Crude Simple-CDD .conf Method

If you're using your own .conf file, then simply include deskenv-lxqt-sddm into both profiles and auto_profiles:

profiles="deskenv-lxqt-sddm ..."
auto_profiles="deskenv-lxqt-sddm ..."


The included packages are:

  1. sddm (since v0.1.0)
  2. lxqt (since v0.1.0)
  3. lxqt-core (since v0.1.0)
  4. lxqt-qtplugin (since v0.1.0)
  5. lxqt-powermanagement (since v0.1.0)


The script is instructed for installing all the packages listed in .downloads section. This only works after pkgsel/include stage where postinst would makes a lot of sense.