sddm-autologin Profile

sddm-autologin profile is the auto-login configuration for sddm desktop manager. It depends on sddm to be installed via various other profiles including it.

It's profile name is known as sddm-autologin.

sddm-autologin is available since v0.3.0.


There are a number of ways depending on how you use Granatum.

Granatum Templated .conf Method

To include sddm-autologin in Granatum templated .conf file, add it into plist.

# plist is the list of profiles to be included in this configuration file. It
# ...
# the names are separated by space.
plist="... sddm-autologin ..."

Crude Simple-CDD .conf Method

If you're using your own .conf file, then simply include sddm-autologin into both profiles and auto_profiles:

profiles="sddm-autologin ..."
auto_profiles="sddm-autologin ..."


sddm-autologin scans the /usr/share/xsessions/*.desktop for the first choice of desktop manager and /home for the first user choice.

With these 2 inputs in placed, the script then create a /etc/sddm.conf.d/autologin.conf by setting the parsed user and desktop manager names.

If any error found in between the process, the script will bail out and the setup will fail without detering the installation progress.