Contributing Guidelines

Thank you for your interests in contributing back to Granatum Project. We do facilitate some contributing guidelines for keeping things in order.

Comply to Our Contributing Agreement

Please read through our Contributing Agreement before submitting a merge request. Once your codes are merged into the upstream, we strictly assumed you agreed to the agreements willingly and there will be no further disputes.

Comply to Our Codes of Conduct

We have a Codes of Conduct to ensure all stakeholders are well mannered.

Comply to Specifications

This documentations has a specfication section. This section holds all the design and technical information regarding Granatum Project. Please ensure your contributions are complying to the specs and do not break any specified technicalities.

Upstream Process

We have a VERY STRICT Upstream Process. Please read them carefully to avoid unncessary rejections. Once you're done, feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to collaborate with you.