User Experiences

This page serves as the user experiences specification for Granatum Project. It covers both users and contributors experiences.

Target Audience

Granatum Project main target audience is for developer, dev-ops, and tech hobbyist who are passionate about maintaining long-term OS installation with specific customization. When we say “users” in any of our documents, we refers to them.

Since Debian operating system is a very complex and wide domain, it demands any users and contributors to have not only breadth but also, depth knowledge related to the Linux operating system itself.

To avoid having too many wanna-bes creating a load of homework questions (as in never reads documentations or digging the internet for information before asking that is annoying to the Debian community and across the Internet), the documentations here are designed in a way that it demands a minimum level of Linux OS (specifically Debian) understanding and skill mastery.

.config and profiles/custom.XXXX

To keep the workspace sane and clean enough for both users and contributors, Granatum Project uses:

  1. $PWD/.config that is the simple-cdd .conf file for builds
  2. Reserving custom label for any user's customizations in profiles/ directory. (e.g. $PWD/profiles/custom.packages, $PWD/profiles/custom.preseed)

Hence, users must setup his/her own .config and custom.XXXX profiles into the workspace before building a Granatum assisted ISO image.

NOTE: Both .config and profiles/custom.XXXX are already added into the workspace's .gitignore file.

Semi-Automation Scripts/App

Granatum Project is planning to use an automation script/app to perform some automation work. However, at this point in time, further analysis is still needed to ensure the Project's sustainability is managable.

Currently, there is a BASH script available at .scripts directory for use:

$ ./.scripts/ --help

There are decisions on whether to continue using BASH script or use a binary compiler for consistency and portability.